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This Blog - the What, the Why, the Where and the When


I decided to start blogging again, but this time it’s going to be different.

There was a blog here on this site previously. It was full of basic photography how to’s, regular random photos that I’d taken from my travels around the world or gear reviews and the like; a product of my copying of other people’s methods in a vain attempt to launch my photography career. I was forcing myself to create content that went against my nature for the sake of page views, and it didn’t work. It really didn’t work.

OK, fast forward to now and that content is no longer live, relegated to a memory of where I forced myself to partake in an non-organic and unnatural form of creativity. I now have that photography career I always wanted (which ironically was in no way thanks to that blog), and I’ve learned so much along the way about business, myself and generally existing as a creative in a world that makes it very difficult to do so. So I’m going to blog about it. The what, why, where and when are probably not the usual………


This blog will be a collection of my thoughts, views and depending on how you view or value it, wisdom. I’ll share anything that comes to mind that I want to and in no particular order. Most of it will probably be about concepts of creativity, I have a lot of thoughts on that. Other than that there may be what I have learned about the business I’m in, how I did it, mindfulness, projects I’m working on and maybe gear if it excites me. You may even get a few of my passionate views about general issues like conservation or humanitarian problems born from my work with various charities or NGO’s over the years.

What this blog won’t be is various ‘top 10’ lists or useless ‘(insert camera name) review or thoughts’ in the pursuit of page views. I won’t be writing to please the general masses.

In short I’ll write about what I personally want to and will pay little to no attention to what I should do according to conventional wisdom. It will be organic and authentic and (hopefully) nothing else.   


So why the hell am I doing this if not for page views or promotion? Well, it’s actually more of a personal development and growth tool more than anything. Call it a social experiment if you want. There’s something therapeutic about getting your thoughts down on paper, and I hope that the process of getting my ideas on to this blog will help me be more self aware and gain a healthier perspective. If people read it because they are interested in my work, and it somehow helps them as creatives or in a more general sense then that’s brilliant.

I get emails all the time asking for my advice on stuff around photography & videography, so hopefully this blog can be a resource for those people who need it.

If nobody reads it, well then that’s cool too.



Wherever I am really. Travel is a way of life for me and one of my integral passions, so I may be doing this from all over the world at some point or another. Hopefully I’ll have some cool experiences to share. Other than that I’ll mainly be getting my thoughts out either in or near my home of beautiful Brisbane, Australia (my happy place).


Whenever I want. There will be no posting schedule that anybody can count on. I will post stuff solely when I feel I want or need to. The usual blogging mantra of ‘post at least once a week and once daily if possible’ is one that I wholeheartedly reject for a number of reasons, but I’ll explain that another time.

So there it is. Let’s see what happens :)