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A Byron Bay Sunrise From A Hot Air Balloon

I think everybody has a place where everything just comes together, whether it be relaxation, ideas, or in my case, visual creativity. Byron Bay is definitely my creative special place.

I headed down there this last weekend with my fiancée to celebrate her birthday by going on a sunrise hot air balloon ride, and naturally I used the opportunity to shoot some content! If you haven’t ever been in a hot air balloon then it’s hard to explain how amazing it is. It was my second time flying with Byron Bay Ballooning, and I was just as blown away this time as the last. It’s just so peaceful. It definitely helps when you are floating over some of the most beautiful countryside in Australia while the sun rises!

I put together a mini vid of B-roll from the experience that I hope does it justice.

Technical Stuff -

I shot solely on my Panasonic GH4 handheld with the brilliant Lumix 25mm 1.4. The entire thing was shot at 60p for the nice slow motion, using the GH4’s really excellent 200mb/s 1080hd mode and the Cinelike D profile.

The music track is noteven by ye. (