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A Case For Creative Folly

When is the last time that you took part in creative folly? When is the last time you just started creating something just because you enjoyed the process? When is the last time you just played? And by playing I mean in the child-like ‘just for the sake of it and because I want to’ sense.

These are questions I find I’m asking myself more and more regularly now. When I really think about it, my creativity is becoming more and more about the outcome rather than the process.

As a society I feel like we have all become far too outcome focused. I know that people adopting ‘type A’ behaviours are more successful at achieving goals in the traditional sense, however have we let it bleed in to too many areas of our lives? I create content for a living, which means I am naturally viewing those pursuits for which I am providing a service as almost transactional. Photo or video = money. This is a required way of thinking when conducting business, however I have realised that this mentality has found it’s way in to my pursuits away from earning money. I would presume that I’m not the only one.

It’s a very mild distinction in mentality that makes a big difference to the experience. You can have either: “I want to get a shot of the sun setting over the ocean at xxx”, or “ I want to go to the coast, chill out, listen to the waves, watch the sun set over the ocean and take some shots”. You can do it either way, but I’ve found that if I adopt the second mentality I enjoy the process more and the knock on effect is that the outcome is usually more creatively inspired. Mindfulness is the key.

Next time you want to create, whether it’s photography, film or anything else, forget about the outcome and try focussing on enjoying the process. Stop producing and start playing